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Alofi North Water Supply No Longer Contaminated


Drinking Problem

The residents of Alofi North heaved a collective sigh of relief this past week when the Health Department gave the all-clear for their water supply following a complete clean-out of the header tanks and pumps at Paliati.

The contaminated water supply also affected the three learning institutions on the island, the University of the South Pacific campus, the Niue High School and the Niue Primary School.

Children were asked to bring their own water to school.

Parents of the pupils attending the two schools have had to find alternative sources while the system was being de-contaminated. In the meantime it’s not good news for the villages of Makefu, Tuapa, Hikutavake, Toi, Lakepa, Hakupu, Vaiea and Avatele.

Residents of these villages have been advised to continue boiling their drinking water. The team cleaning the reservoirs and header tanks will progressively work their way around island in the coming days. In a statement released by the Health Department it stated that .. “

The Honourable Premier and the Honourable Ministers associated with the Departments charge of looking after Niue’s water, met at the Fale Fono in Alofi and had discussed alternative options that Niue can explore and use to ensure that we continue to provide safe drinking water for people to drink.’’

Exactly what those measures are has not been made public. It is not known if the contaminated supply applies to the bore at Vaiea where water will be drawn for the government-backed bottled water venture. The Niue Assembly was told earlier this year that a $1m could be earned from the sale of the water.

Water tanks at Paliati.



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