Bid for One Free-to-air TV Channel Defeated

2 Responses

  1. Uncle Sione's nefew says:

    Seems like some members of fale fono are waking up and taking a look at the situation at hand. It is not about the assembly member against the cabinet ministers, it is about looking out for your people that you represent.

    The fale fono supreme lawmakers of Niue. They overrule the government any time of day. The problem is, most of them are either cabinet ministers, associate ministers or assistants to associate ministers. That means 10 members are accounted for and can be banked away as pro government. That means half of fale fono already gives a potential premier half the votes of parliament for the premiership. All you need now is to get one other member to get on side. That member is usually the obedient mouthpiece from Toi. A known dishonest person who wants to be seen as the kingmaker. Anything he asks for from the premier, he will get it. He doesnt know what a statute is from a legislation, he is doing a milli vanilli and miming the song written by the government. Sad because he was once a good man and true to his people. But now he has his family fly in from NZ every election year just to vote for him. His son has been a temporary visitor to NZ for years but still keeps his underwear at his parents house just to prove he plans on coming back home to live. So for voting rights, he qualifies. Yep, that is a true story.

  2. Paku says:

    Nefew – that is indeed a mouthful…. if the rule allows it then why are we complaining? It is about looking out for people who voted for you yes but for me personally, that comes second to doing the right thing(s) by God. (Paku)