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Bidding for Leadership


Caucus confirms Sir Toke Talagi

Following a meeting this morning, the government caucus has agreed to back Sir Toke Talagi as their nominee for Premier. Caucus leader Hon Billy Talagi has confirmed that 15 members attended the meeting which included newly elected Mrs Mona Ainu’u, Michael Jackson and Hon O’love Jacobsen.
While caucus has agreed to back Sir Toke, any member according to Billy Talagi is free to challenge for the post when the Assembly sits for the first time.

Pihigia to be Speaker

Caucus has also agreed to re-nominate Togiavalu Pihigia as the speaker. In keeping with his usual practice Sir Toke Talagi will decide who will join him in his new cabinet once he is elected, according to Billy Talagi.

Opposition to meet

Meanwhile don’t give up on the opposition just yet. They too are also organising their support. Stan Kalauni said that he and his group have issued an invitation for O’love Jacobsen, Mona Ainu’u and Michael Jackson to join them at their first meeting. For those who are unaware Michael Jackson is Stan Kalauni’s uncle. 

Firmly in opposition camp at this time, in addition to Stan Kalauni, are Terry Coe, Va’aiga Tukuitoga and Crossley Tatui. Kalauni has also confirmed that he is prepared to consult with O’love Jacobsen when it comes to choosing a representative to challenge Sir Toke Talagi.

“People are looking for a change”, Kalauni said, “and we are ready to give it to them”. He is confident that in the coming days, the opposition will have enough support for it to form the government.

The Chief Electoral Officer Hubert Kalauni has confirmed that an application has been made to Chief Justice to allow the tie result for the Mutalau constituency to be decided by ballot at 10am tomorrow, Tuesday Niue time.

Counting in progress, Saturday night at Electoral Office

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  1. The majority of us Niue thought that O'love is bidding and siding with a team of MPs to support to be the Premier of Niue. From my reading and analysis, it appeared that this was not the case. Disappointing, and also confirmed the narrow and un-strategic focus of the MPs. I take my hat off to Stan, Terry, Va'aiga and Crossley. Well done and many of us available to assist, etc your work in opposition….

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