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Complaint Namukulu Burnt House


A member of the Kaukasi family has expressed her strong views on our story on the house fire at Namukulu.  We’re happy to share her views here:

Hi Tala Niue,

Can I express my thoughts & feelings about your article regarding the burnt property in Namukulu aka Jack & Moka Willie. The burnt property did belong to my father’s family Kainiu Sionesiamu Kaukasi the Kaukasi Family of Luo, Namukulu. Unc Jack & Moka were tenants of the property since the 70s.

It is very sad where my father was born Mautau & his 18 other siblings were born there too from 1936 to 1967 at that very property which is now burnt. Unc Jack & Moka do have their very own property still standing today and in good condition in Limu, Namukulu but i do not know why they wont return to it. I do feel sad for the olu’s and they did loose everything they had there but my family too have lost their memories and homestead. It

It would of been good if you had researched properly your information to the wider Namukulu community as they too know who the family home in Luo, Namukulu belongs to. This is my statement to tell you how I feel regarding your article and how it has affected all the siblings of the Kaukasi Family that are still living today. Please kindly remove the article as it gives false info or rectify it with factual info.

Kind Regards,

Bella Kaukasi-Talagi (Kaukasi Family Rep in Niue).


From the Editor:

We know Bella to be a competent level-headed person, so let us cut to the chase here and see if we can be of some assistance. First let us recap on our story of the Namukulu fire with the main points: Jack and Moka had lost their home in a fire, the fire fighters were not able to help, no insurance on the house, the occupants lost all their possession in the house, the house was once the Kaukasi family home. Our story was on the fire, not village politics.

Bella is obviously peeved that the focus of attention has been on Jack and Moka, with island-wide expressions of sympathy and support. The Ekalesia Kerisiano Niue had organised a special collection to help the elderly couple in their recovery.  For all we know, others are also offering help, perhaps even the government will contribute.

What Bella is asking – using Tala Niue as the whipping boy in the process – is what about the people who actually owned the house? This was a family home that was once full of life and laughter, where her father and his siblings grew up and where their parents faced the daily challenges of providing for the family.  It appeared that when all the family had left, Jack and Moka moved in and left their own house at Limu vacant.

To sum up, Jack and Moka had lost all their possession and only their possession; the Kaukasi family had lost their family home. Jack and Moka still have their house at Limu.

Tala Niue is not a platform for solving disagreements between families, let alone becoming embroiled in parochial village politics, but once in a while, if we can, we’re prepared to be the traditional fakahokohoko kupu.

Hima (for Talaniue).

This is the story we printed – https://www.talaniue.com/namukulu-house-fire/523/