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Cruise Ship “Maasdam Sky” In Port


Cruise Ship Maasdam Sky In Port

The cruise ship Maasdam Sky – capable of carrying up to 1,200 passengers – paid a one-day call on Friday. There was some delay due to a slight swell in the channel before the passengers were permitted to disembark. Passenger liners in the past have had to cancel a day ashore because of the heavy swells in the channels – not without comment from the many who use the wharf almost daily.

Maasdam Sky off the wharf in Alofi

An estimated 500 passengers, mostly from North America, chose to come ashore, some had already pre-booked with the two well-known tour operators on the island Keith Vial’s Commodore’s Tours and Hima Douglas’s Toamana Discovery Tours. Dive operators Magical Niue had a few customers who decided to take advantage of our crystal clear waters.

Both the Limu Pools and Matapa chasm attracted a great deal of interest. The next stop for the Massdam in the current cruise of the South Seas is Rarotonga. Just how much the island earns from visiting cruise ships is unknown.

Matapa Chasm on Busy Day.


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