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Election 17 – Time to deal


With only 5 days left before the island goes to the polls, candidates on the common roll are making their move, not with hiss and a roar – for that is not our way of campaigning – but quietly going about dropping off leaflets in the homes. Not for us the cars and trucks emblazoned with electioneering paraphernalia, blasting out music and slogans urging the undecided to jump on your bandwagon. If only that were the case…

Meantime Alofi Toga is calling all candidates who wish to state their case, to attend a village meeting Sunday evening. At this stage no other village has come forward with same invitation.

For the time being, based on past history, election outcome notwithstanding the Talagi camp can expect the support of Alofi Toga, Tamakautoga, Avatele , Vaiea, Liku, Lakepa, Toi, Hikutavake, Namukulu and Makefu. Ten votes from village constituencies is a big advantage. Add to that the support from the common roll seats – expect three seats – and you will run the country for the next three years.

To Deal or Not to Deal? – pic PixaBay

There is expectation that there will be a change in the common roll seats with one incumbent being ousted. There is however an outside chance that two more seats could change. These changes are not expected to have an effect on the support for the Talagi camp.

So, is it a done deal? The short answer is no, definitely not. At least that is what the opposition would like to electorate to hear. The longer answer is this: If Sir Toke is returned – and there are no obvious indicators at this stage to say otherwise – he will want his unofficial caucus to back his leadership. But will they? Given his recent serious medical problems, will Sir Toke still command their loyalty? 

The answer to that may well depend on the ability of the opposition to engage in the ancient art of horse-trading. But who will lead the charge? Who indeed. Cometh the hour, cometh the man? Perhaps. But if there is to be any success in horse trading, now is the time to at least make a start.

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