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[Sticky] My Weight Loss and Fitness Journey  

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If you have been trying to lose weight but cannot, don't lose heart, it's not easy.  Losing weight is extremely difficult but not impossible as some people have found.  All you need is a good plan and commitment.  This may sound cheesy but after you have achieved your desired weight - you will feel (and look) incredible. 

Obesity is a disease, it's a medical condition and contrary to what most believe - it's not really your fault.  Sure you can control it with lifestyle changes but anyone who thinks it's easy, is either lying or underestimating the effort required.  Your body has been designed to do everything in its power to ensure you have sufficient energy reserves to perform it's functions.  In order to do that, it will store as much energy as possible, especially from food full of carbs or sugars.  

It will go to great lengths to make you more hungry so it can sustain your body fat  setpoint in order to stabilize your body weight.  Unfortunately it doesn't know when to stop storing energy; so the more opportunity you give it - the more it will store fat (energy) in our bodies.  The equation - "eat less; exercise more" can also work but not for the majority of people.

So, DO NOT BE HARD ON YOURSELF, the important thing is that, you are here now and you want to improve your health.  This thread is all about me (yes baby!) and everything that I am currently doing, to ensure that I stay as healthy as possible.  If you find something here to help you lose unwanted weight - that's a bonus for me.  I am sure you have your own reasons for losing the pounds while keeping yourself fit.



You can use the information I am sharing here, at your own risk, I and Talaniue, are not liable for anything that happens to you, because of the information you obtained here. We are also not trained/qualified doctors, personal trainers, dietitians, nutritionists or fitness experts.  Before you start adopting any programs here, we recommend that you see your doctor (GP) first.  



In this plan, I will eat only 2 meals - first meal of the day at 5PM and another at 9PM.  That means - I will eat no breakfast and no lunch (but you can continuing drinking water or unsweetened coffee). You can choose to eat only between 7AM to 11AM and that will work.  The important thing here is that you only eat in the 4 hour window, while fasting for 20 hours.  Some people can choose to have only one meal a day but can eat anything in that one meal - that can work too. 

I have chosen 5PM until 9PM as my feasting time (4 hours), because that suits my schedule and that I can have one meal together with my family.  During the week, my gym starts at 12PM and so I will be working out on an empty stomach.  Ideal?  I don't know, I guess we'll soon find out.



1) Lose 10 - 20 kgs of body fat.
2) Do at least 50 proper push ups without rest; (can currently do 10 at medium pace). 
3) Do at least 20 proper pull ups without rest; (can currently do about 8 at medium pace).

As you can see from the above goals - I am quite unfit and obese.  My BMI is about 32, which means I am actually obese, if you are into BMIs.  It's not an accurate measurement of your obesity status, but it's better than nothing.



I will attempt to lose 10-20kg of body fat, by doing the following things. 

1) Reduce my portion sizes to about half (or three quarters of what I usually eat) and do not binge in between meals.
2) Eliminate carbs (or eat less carbs); no sugar or sugary foods; no processed foods including breakfast cereals, noodles, rice, bread.
3) Eat less fruits; more protein; more green veges; more healthy fats - e.g. - handful of nuts, avocados.
4) Eat only 2 meals - first meal of the day at 5PM; last meal at 9PM. That means - I will eat no breakfast and no lunch. You can choose to miss out dinner if you prefer as the only reason why I have chosen to miss breakfast is so I can have one sit-down meal with my family. 
5) Throughout the day when I am not eating - I will drink only water or long black coffee (no sugar). You can substitute black coffee with another unsweetened drink. NOTE :- if you are thirsty, that will work against you so keep hydrating yourself.
6) I will walk or run 2km daily; get more active by not using lifts and walking everywhere; and skipping for a few minutes.
7) For 3 alternate days of the week, I will do some weight/strength training for about 1 hour each session (3 hrs per week).
8) I will try and sleep at least 7-8 hours every night.

That's it - wish me luck - keep coming back here if you want to know how I am doing.  I will post my progress regularly.

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Hello - if you are not keen on weight training, then try and do exercises that uses your body weight like squats without weights; push ups; chinese chair; crunches and planks.  Do these exercises on 3 alternate days per week - example - Mon, Wed, Fri.  By building muscles, you are helping your body burn more energy even when you are at rest.  You can still lose weight without doing weight training except that your progress will be slower.  For my weight programs, I usually do full body workouts (no split routines) using compound exercises - those are exercises that uses your large muscles like backs, chest, legs and so forth.  Remember, weight or strength training will help burn fat faster!

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How's it going?  It's been 7 days now since I started doing the program; I have setup above.  After 2 days, I changed the times I was consuming food to 10AM to 2PM, during weekdays; and 5PM until 8PM for the weekends.  Because I do weights at 12PM to 1PM on Mon/Wed/Fri, I found that I have a bit more in the tank now, for my workouts.  As expected - I was able push myself a bit more than when I wasn't eating before/after my workout.  The most surprising thing is that, it's only a very small improvement.  Example - with food, I was able to do an extra 1 or 2 reps (to failure)... so it's not really that much difference. 

The other thing I changed was that I was only running or walking for 1 km every day (not 2 kms and more walking than running) and skipping for 10 mins (3 sets of 3mins); only because I love skipping... ;-).

Before I started this program, I was exactly the same weight that I was on, for years/months.  This morning when I weighed myself after having some black coffee, I found that I have lost 4 kgs in that 7 days.  That's about 500 grams a day.  I have heard of many who managed to lose much faster than that, but I'm happy with 300g+ reduction per day.  I think I only need to lose 6 more kilos (for a total of 10kgs) before I am happy.  We shall see...

Apart from my weight, the main noticeable signs that I am winning... hooray... is the reduction of fat around my waist, back, buttocks and thighs.  My clothes are quite loose now and I will need to start buying new clothes soon.

Losing weight this way, is much harder because the body as we have always been told by experts, cannot be in a state to lose fat and to build muscle, at the same time.  It's either one or the other.  That means, if I was mainly concentrating on losing weight, I would have managed to lose more in the last 7 days.  But, I have never been one to believe everything I read (even if the science proves it)... I always believe that every person is unique and so we just need to test, what can and cannot work, for our own bodies.

I haven't tested myself yet on how many push ups, or pull ups I can do now, I think I will leave that for another time!

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It's been a while hasn't it.  I have lost about 6 - 7 kgs which I am happy with but my family thinks I look too skinny now.  My clothes are certainly very loose so I am resorting to using only one belt, because all the others are too long.  Until I can buy some some new clothes, I will have to make do with my baggy look... ;-).

In my recent and from past experiences, I can tell you that intermittent fasting works but you don't have to eat just one meal daily like I did at one stage.  My usual routine was to fast from 8PM until 12PM the next day, and eat only between 12PM until 8PM.  One of my good friends lost 22 kgs using intermittent fasting.  He never thought he could live without breakfast but now, it's routine. It helps too that he's drinking less beer, less meat and have taken up swimming. He lost this 22kgs in a matter of a few weeks, not years. There are so many health benefits to intermittent fasting that it's madness not to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

I also don't eat breakfast and that's fine, I am happy with unsweetened black coffee or hot water... ;-).  I found that it doesn't matter if I exercise on an empty stomach, I still manage to lift the same weights and that my energy levels didn't decrease (due to intermittent fasting). In case I forgot to mention, I work out at the gym 3 alternate days per week, using a full body weight routine focusing mainly on free weights and compound exercises. This is important for me because my work is not physical. I usually lift at 70% of my maximum weight but every so often, I lift heavier or lighter.

The other thing I found is that as soon as you reduce your food intake, your body will fight you so don't be surprised if you get hungry especially in the early stages of your intermittent fasting. If you get hungry just know that your body is trying to do what it thinks is right but you are always the boss. You are the one who always have complete control. Tell your body you got this, you are not going to die, it's just an inconvenience for now, until you get to your target weight.

Anyway, I will share more later but the main reason for this post, is that it doesn't matter how dedicated we are to our weight loss or fitness routines - it counts for nothing, if we don't "know" the status of our internal engines.  So, starting today, make a pledge to yourself to have a medical checkup at least twice a year.  Ask your doctor to check your blood for common diseases especially those that are not easy to diagnose - cancer, blood pressure and so forth.  Here in Aust, if you are over 50, you will get a test kit for bowel cancer every year, get that done too.  It's a small price to pay to ensure you are as healthy as possible and all the hard work you are doing now are not going to waste.  You probably have many other reasons to live longer, your family, children, loved ones - go do that checkup now.

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