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[Sticky] How to Register to use the Forums  

Admin Guy
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There are two ways to register.  Both methods are safe, only you and Facebook, will know your password. No passwords are stored by the Talaniue website.



The easiest way to logon, is with your Facebook account.  This is useful if you don't want to remember too many accounts/passwords.  For example, account with FB, account with YouTube, account with Talaniue Forums...etc.  

1) First select Register on the top menu or select this URL - https://www.talaniue.com/forums/?wpforo=signup .

2) Then on the bottom of the page, tick the checkbox - "I allow to create an account and send confirmation email".  This will enable the button "Log in With Facebook".

3) Tick the checkbox and then login as if you are logging into Facebook. 



In this method we will be creating a separate account and password for you to use to logon to the Forums.

1) First select the menu Register on the top menu. 

2) Then enter a unique username and then your email.  Suggest using a username that is 10-20 characters long and easy to remember.  

3) Tick the box "I am not a robot" and then continue or complete the puzzle.

4) Then read the forum rules and privacy policy; tick those 3 checkboxes and then select Register.  A pop will then tell you that an email has been sent to the email account you registered with above.

5) The final step is to then access your email, click on the link to create your password, make sure that you typed a strong password twice.

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