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Final chapter – Game for the Niue Throne

The final chapter in the Game for the Niue Throne will be played out tomorrow in the debating chambers of the Niue Assembly at the appointed hour of 9:00am. It is the only event that is capable of bringing the whole island to a standstill, even if it’s only for 30 minutes.

In the meantime, we now have confirmation that Mrs O’love Tauveve Jacobsen will run for office of Premier, with the backing of those members of the Assembly who have been identified as the unofficial opposition. The group will have their final meeting later today to decide on whom to nominate for the post of Speaker. The speaker of the Niue Assembly is not chosen from the ranks of the sitting MPs but from outside.

As reported earlier, the Talagi camp will be re-nominating the speaker from the last Assembly Mr Togiavalu Pihigia.

In an exclusive conversation with Tala Niue Mrs Jacobsen has revealed her reason for challenging Sir Toke. In the first instance she said, it is her view that Premier Talagi had done all that he can in his 9 years in office. “That is more than enough time, for any one person to steer the island in the direction they want it to go’, she said.  Giving Sir Toke more time she said is gratuitous over-indulgence. It is now time for someone else to take over, but not just any person. She said that she has a proven record to show that she is more than capable of leading the Island.

Mrs Jacobsen said  that her meeting at Hio Café with the two newly elected women members Maureen Melekitama and Mona Ainu’u was not only to personally offer her congratulations but to explain where she stands in the leadership issue. She confirmed to Tala Niue that she made no promises to the two nor did she ask for their support. “It was enough that I make my position clear to them”, she said, “but left it to them to make up their own minds”.

Fale Fono – Parliament House of Niue.

She is planning to follow the same tactics for her former colleagues when she was part of the Talagi government. “I will tell them where I’m coming from and leave it to them to decide”.

Today, Thursday, is the last day for the two camps to consolidate their support and to encourage those who are undecided. Political pundits on the island are expecting Sir Toke Talagi to retain the leadership with a good majority. But the same pundits had predicted that because Mrs Jacobsen had abandoned ship for the luxurious surroundings of the Diplomatic Corp in Wellington, she would not be back in the Assembly. Not only did she return to the Assembly, she topped the Common Roll.

That leaves us with the only observation possible – the only thing certain about Niue politics is its complete uncertainty.  Tonight, Niue Nukututaha, the Island that Stands Alone, will be sleeping the sleep of the restless.


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Note from the Editor: We have concentrated on the General Elections because of the importance of that event to the lives of our people here on the island. We’re also aware of the interest of the diaspora. There are however other things happening on the island. We will be covering those in the days to come. Be assured that there is definitely a life after the current hoopla and razzmatazz.  

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