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Give Us This Day a Leader…please.


Give us this day our leader…please

It is Sunday today on this stand-alone little island in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. And like all other Sundays, the customary umu is steaming undercover while the family heads off to the morning service. But unlike any other Sunday, there will likely be unity and common purpose in the prayers today. The prayer is simple enough: Help us find a leader.

It is now over a week after the general election and the electorate is becoming restless. The elected representatives are still to reach a consensus on the Premiership. There are three people who are in the running, O’love Jacobsen, Richard Hipa and Dalton Tagelagi. Of the three, only Jacobsen had made her ambition known and had campaigned, more or less, along those lines. Former Secretary of Government Richard Hipa, buoyed by his success in topping the common roll, decided that he too will vie for the top post. Former cabinet minister Dalton Tagelagi had not made public his bid but he doesn’t need to.

Both Jacobsen and Tagelagi have behind them the backing of Members who have aligned themselves with the former Talagi government or with the unofficial opposition. It is not known how many Members are backing Hipa.

While no one has volunteered any information at this stage Talaniue’s sources say that Dalton Tagelagi has the numbers to take the leadership. He has the backing of 11 village representatives – but it is precisely that representation which has the pundits worried.  He needs an input from the Common Roll if he is to add credibility to his government and to avoid that same-ole feeling.

On the other hand, if Jacobsen and Hipa can come together and resolve the leadership issue, they have a chance to entice support and form a new government.

If the crunch time is tomorrow Monday, then on behalf of the whole electorate, when you our elected leaders have finally arrived at a decision, can someone please make the announcement and help lower the island’s blood pressure.

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