High Commissioner With A Difference

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  1. Warren says:

    This is typical of British Colonialism/Neo-Colonialism with it’s ever present show of police force together with its “Crown” representation. Paid for and supported by the New Zealand government, which has no lawful connection with Britain or the “Crown”. New Zealand became a sovereign nation at the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919.

    Ardern is the father of New Zealand’s current Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, if you didn’t understand that Neo-Colonialism is networked.

    Ardern’s current title of “HE’ is rather outdated, if it refers to “His Excellency”, if in fact it was ever valid at all. The “Crown” authority, and “Commissioner” status in the Colonies and ex-Colonies are in truth “void ab initio” which means to be treated as invalid from the outset. The “Crown” and the “Commission” and “Commissioner” of it have from the very beginning of British invasion of both Australia, and New Zealand been corporate fictions in Law. The Queen’s rule has no legitimacy outside of Britain according to their very own British Legislation both at the time of each invasion, as well as currently. There are official documents from the Palace validating the truth that Queen Elizabeth II has no authority in these matters, and that both New Zealand and Australia and their Territories have no “Crown” connections.

    This is all part of the political fiction and mind control of government to control and enslave free men and women into their atheistic belief system, where they reign without question, over and above God.

    But to the corporate power players who run Canberra and Wellington, behind the scenes in both countries, their slavery racist Colonialism/Neo-Colonialism belief system still rules even if Britannia doesn’t. Sadly the locals remain hoodwinked to their own servility. It is time for free men and women to awaken to the fraud that has had them in captivation for a lifetime.

  2. Ross Adern Fan says:

    Hello Tala Niue, keep up the good work.

    Interesting view Warren. It’s not quite correct in terms of how the Crown and legal apparatus works, but it’s a free world to express yourself.

    Without being bogged down by semantics of English law, NZ letters patent and Australian 1986 Constitutional big bang, we should remember that HE Ross Adern earned his place in the annals of history for many positive reasons personally.

    There are layers of political power invested in such matters. Such levels of these institutions manifest and controlled from UK since Aust and NZ and by default Niue, are monarchial constitutions. That means, their political systems are based on Westminster structure. The laws which made those countries are tied to Westminster and English law. Although largely independent of UK today, these states continue to respect the auspices of the Crown by enacting legislation by its powers, invested in Governors General.

    HE Ross Adern is a wonderful man with a big heart. He hails from that place where great Samaritans come from, not easily accessible to most mortals. Not only is he a great husband, father, brother and friend but also one of if not the best to hold the position of High Commissioner. Niue was blessed with his presence and that of Laurelle. If you’re a Christian, be proud of this man for he is what the Bible is all about and what Jesus represents.

    As for the position of High Commissioner, such is the mechanisms that supports the structure of political governance. That has nothing to do with Ross Adern. His job as HC is to follow the protocols and policies of the NZ government of the day. He can either agitate for changes or follow obediently. He followed a good mix of both to facilitate both Niue people and NZ policy. In this job, political leanings are fraught with danger, and we see time and again the political appointments by successive NZ govts to install self interest HCs. Ross Adern is not a diplomatic career apprentice and he is not so politically aligned like others before him.
    Much could be written about HE Adern and all will be positive. God Bless him and his family.