How to Lose Weight in 4 Weeks for Christmas


    There’s only 5 more weeks to Christmas (okay 4 weeks and 5 days…) from today (21/Nov) so if you want to lose a few pounds of fat before then, there is still time.

    Not a lot of time, but enough to lose a few, maybe more.

    There is no one right or one effective way to lose weight and if you have tried and failed at some point in the past, even multiple times, so what? You only really fail if you give up. If you have been discouraged or have given up on your weight loss goals, I really encourage you to keep going. My only other advice is, when you start another program like the one below – DO NOT STOP.

    It is not easy to lose weight and it DOES NOT MATTER how many times you have tried and failed. Failure is a temporary setback, all you have done is that you have succeeded in finding a few ways that WOULD NOT WORK FOR YOU. If you keep on trying, you will eventually find ONE STRATEGY that would work. And when you do, it will open up a WHOLE DIFFERENT WORLD, a world of possibilities that you didn’t know about before.

    I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded that the BENEFITS AND REWARDS waiting for you when you dropped that DEAD WEIGHT is immeasurable. My work bag containing my laptop and some books I carry with me everyday, is around 5kgs to 6kgs. I can tell you, it’s no fun carrying that much weight around. At the beginning my hands were weak but not anymore, it has adapted to carry that load comfortably.

    Some would say, that’s OK then, at least my arms are being trained, have some muscles, looks cool, to which I would say NO. There is no need to carry additional weight when you don’t need to. Eventually that weight will cause health problems (like when I’m older…) as it will put a lot of stress on my body.

    If you are obese or weigh more than your ideal weight, try carrying that extra LOAD with you all day; that’s how stressed your body became, carrying the extra pounds. Amazing, but sad.

    That you are reading down to this point tells me that you are serious about your health. In that case, you have come to the right place. Maybe today is the day it will happen for you.

    There are, believe it or not, so many ways to win the battle with the belly. You just need to choose one that fits your lifestyle or use the plan below. Losing weight can be costly these days, my plan is FREE and effective, if you follow EXACTLY what I wrote.

    Let’s review some facts.

    FACT 1 – Your body will always want to consume more and more food, especially carbohydrates and foods packed with sugar and starch. Our bodies are hard wired to do that, so accept that as normal. However, you can STILL TRAIN YOUR MIND to help you control this default behavior of your body. Some calls this ability WILL POWER, some calls it LOVE, some calls it MAGIC!

    FACT 2 – You will GAIN WEIGHT when fuel going in (from food) is more than the fuel burned by your body. You will LOSE WEIGHT when your fuel going in is LESS than the fuel used. That is why most people use physical activity/training to burn more energy. When there is LESS FOOD going in, the body will be forced to take its energy from your internal energy stores, namely STORED FAT. This is what we want. It also slows down your metabolism rate but that’s not important today. The ideal body state we want to reach, is when our bodies uses stored fat for energy rather than from food we consume.

    FACT 3 – You cannot spot reduce fat. For example, you cannot just train one body part, e.g. – thighs, buttock or stomach, hoping that only that body part will lose fat. Fat loss occurs across all body parts.

    FACT 4 – It is extremely difficult if not impossible for most people, that’s 99.99% of us, to lose weight when your food habits (portion size, type of food…etc.), remains the same as before. Yes, even if you train very hard. Training very hard is NOT EVEN POSSIBLE for most of us, except for the elite athletes. And even if possible, the risk of getting an injury is very high so focusing only on training, is not recommended as it’s just plain silly.

    FACT 5Intermittent fasting and other diets like Aitkens, Mediterranean dieting can also work but they take time.

    Those are not ALL the facts, but they are all we need to know, for now.

    The following plan will help you lose weight starting from today. In just over four weeks, you will lose a few pounds if not tens of pounds. If you do exactly what the plan says, you will reap the benefits.

    Btw, I’m doing the same program as it’s only fair, so we’ll compare notes after 4 weeks. These techniques are not new, many people have used them, including myself.

    Midsection, Thighs, Buttocks usually contains the most fat. Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay.


    Take up a physical activity and perform that activity twice a day for between 40 – 60mins each session; preferably during the early morning and evening but can be at any time.

    Aim for a medium intensity level where you are breathing hard, but not too hard. You must still be able to hold a conversation. If the intensity is too light that you are not breaking into a sweat or too much that you are breathing too hard, then those two extremes are not good. Example :- if you choose walking, walk at a brisk pace. If jogging, jog at a moderate pace, not the pace of a snail… ;-).


    This is a critical step. Nothing will happen until you have control your food intake. WE EAT WAY MORE THAN WHAT WE NEED. Take your usual serving of food and halve it. Another good way to measure is to put everything on a plate; eat all of that and don’t go for seconds. Limit the amount of lean protein to the size of your fist. TOO MUCH CARBS IS BAD. Eliminate any carbs, that means taro, potatoes, rice. If you cannot, then try eating half of your usual amount. For greens and veges like those used in salads, eat as much as possible. Nuts are healthy but a handful a day is sufficient.

    If you cannot reduce your portions, consider dropping breakfast, so you only eat 2 meals daily and do not eat anything after 7pm or 8pm. So no eating from 8PM and first meal will be consumed around 12PM the next day. This is the principle behind intermittent fasting which does work.

    But, the most critical thing is to REDUCE the amount of food you eat overall.

    Intermittent fasting is not the “best thing ever” like many believe BUT I believe there is a need for fasting, whether it’s intermittent or for religious/personal reasons. And if that helps us EAT LESS, then so much better.



    Nuts – only a handful a day is sufficient.
    Fruits – one or two average fruits daily is sufficient. Don’t overeat fruits, they have way too much sugar. Crazy ha? It’s true.
    Fats – fats like olive oil and safflower oil are healthy. Some people think coconut oil is also healthy; I think not, don’t use too much coconut oil.
    Sugar – eliminate altogether – look, you don’t need it. You can have some sugar after christmas. ;-).
    Coffee – reduce to half your usual amount or eliminate altogether.


    Sleep – at least 6 – 8+ hours or whatever you need. Sleeping 2-3 hours will not work; stop kidding yourself.
    Water – drink at least 8 glasses daily. If you feel thirsty you are dehydrated, and that’s BAD for fat loss. Learn to sip water daily instead of gulping.
    Take the stairs instead of the lift.
    Walk to places instead of using the car.


    If you are a beginner, don’t worry about overtraining; only professional athletes training at intensity, are likely to over train. If you are a beginner and you push too hard, you will sustain injuries… so don’t go there. Do increase the intensity gradually from week to week though.

    The best way to ensure that you can recover fully before your next session is to always warm up, cool down and to make sure you eat well and have adequate rest.

    Changing your main activity from day to day, may also help with recovery or with boredom… For example, you could use the following routine :-

    Mon, Wed, Fri:
    Morning: Brisk walking, body weight exercises, light stretching.
    Evening: Skipping following by full body workout using your bodyweight.

    Tue, Thu, Sat:
    Morning: Gym session following by light stretching.
    Evening: Swimming and stretching.

    Sun: Brisk walking or Cycling or light jogging.

    It is very important to spend five minutes to warm up before your training and also to cool down with light stretching at the end.

    The activity doesn’t really matter but look for exercises that affects your aerobics and cardiovascular system while elevating your heart rate to about 70-80% of your maximum heart rate. You might be wondering what about STRENGTH and ANAEROBIC based exercises? By all means, go ahead and incorporate some strength or weights exercises but don’t overdo it; we are not training for strength here. Muscle building does enhance fat loss but this plan is for fat loss not muscle building.

    Here are some good activities you can consider – skipping, cycling, rowing, weight training, swimming, brisk walking, boxing training or playing a team sport.

    That’s it. If you follow the simple program above, please come back and leave us a comment. All the best with your new physical and lighter body!

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