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Progress on New Buildings

Taoga Niue The purpose-build premise for Taoga Niue is not expected to be completed until mid-August according to the government’s project management unit who has the task of overseeing the project. Once the building is completed, it will then be handed over to Taoga Niue.

New home for Taoga Niue under construction at the old site of the Side School, later renamed Monu School, where children with English as their first language were taught. Monu later merged with Niue Primary and the classrooms were taken over by Early Childhood Education.

The new building will contain a multi-purpose auditorium that can be used to stage cultural performances, training and other gatherings such as special public lectures.  For the first time, the island will have facilities that can properly house and display artefacts and hold special exhibitions and where archival materials can be stored. It is more than likely that there will be an official opening for the new building but this will be a matter for the Minister for Cultural Affairs to decide.


Swansons – The Hub Further south of the new Taoga Niue building is another new development ready for action – the Swanson Supermarket and complex, now being dubbed by management as The Hub. The opening date is now set for the middle of June with a special day set aside for the public to walk through the complex.

Swanson supermarket will open in a fortnight but work is still continuing for part of The Hub where other businesses will eventually be housed most notable of which is the government-owned liquor outlet.

Swanson local manager Amanda Pita said that the focus at this time is to get the supermarket up and running. The other part of the development, the bays that will eventually be occupied by other local businesses, will take a little longer.

The new supermarket will be welcomed by the shopping brigade particularly when it comes to parking. There should now be sufficient properly marked parking to cater for the usual rush-hour shopping on Thursday afternoons.

In a released statement, Managing Director Mr John Heise of the parent company, Auckland-based W H Grove and Sons said: Swansons will engage in all aspects of the community, sponsorship and training initiatives for students.

On Thursday 14 June, shoppers will have an opportunity for a walk-through the new Swanson between 2:00pm and 3:30pm. The supermarket will open to the public on Monday 18 June.

Tala Niue readers have reacted very favourably to the new development and some are hoping that the new premises will lead to an improvement in the interaction with the serving staff and perhaps more vigilance with expired stock.

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