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Matakau Avatele Oneonepata Australia Launch (MAOA)


(Letter from Polito Sakalia).

Fakaalofa lahi atu kia mutolu oti kehe poko nei – just a brief report of the full on activity that was held last weekend in Sydney – the launch of the Niuean MAOA group.  Kehe aho faiumu kua mole – 10/06/2017, kua fakamonuina ai e taha matakau foou, he tau Niue ne nonofo i Sydney.  Koe matakau nei koe matakau “Matakau Avatele Oneonepata Australia” (MAOA).  Koe homo moe fulufuluola lahi e tau fakaholoaga kua kitia ki ai, kamata mai he tapuakiaga ti fakaoti kehe tau fono, tau koli, tau fiafia moe tau tame.

Fenoga mai pauaki foki e Fetuuaho he maaga Avatele, Niue, koe Fekafekau Lilifu he Atua ko Petesa Sionetuato moe haana fakahelehele, Matalosa Sionetuato.   Hoko mai foki mai i Niue e fakahelehele ko Losa Talagi, koe hoana he matua Ekepule moe Ulumotua ha Avatele, ko Billy Talagi.

Loga foki e tau magafaoa ne omai i Niu Silani – Selepa Kumitau, Ligi Heka, Tina Pavihi, Latupe Vei moe falu lafu foki ne nonofo ai kehe motu tose na.  Mai he maaga nei ko Queensland – hukui ai e au moe haaku a magafaoa, Siliva mo Kini, ti pihia ni mo Kapuna Tapatuetoa moe haana tokoua, moe tau fuata, ko Joe mo Laka Tapatuetoa.

Launch of the MAOA Group – pic Liva Tukutama.

To say that it was one cracker of a weekend is an understatement and while I am still full of euphoria and have yet to come down from the ‘natural high’ of the event, admittedly this was a successful launch of a group that has been meticulously planned for the past many months.  If I have one regret it’s this – not everyone from Avatele were there to witness this important occasion nor to experience firsthand, the togetherness and hospitality of all the Niuean communities in Sydney.  Niueans are all related as there’s only a few of us in the whole world, but to actually see other villages supporting Avatele, was truly humbling – oue tulutulou!

The day would never have been possible had it not been for the hard work and dedication of the committee and their families.  I would like to thank firstly the leaders – Arthur Siakimotu and Philar Makatoa as well as their team – Pakulili, Jessica, Alan Makani, and of course their children and partners.

Expecting a weekend of celebration and temporal feasting, I was somewhat surprised at how profoundly spiritual the event was.  Even the messages delivered by the few speakers, including the servants of God, were quite thought provoking and stimulating.  If there were any mistakes in the organisation of the day – I didn’t see any.  It was indeed a joy to witness how effective and successful things can get, when everyone is pushing and pulling together in unity.

Village of Alofi suppoting the Avatele Oneonepata Aust Group at the Launch – pic Liva Tukutama.

I thank God for this experience and for my donkey (car) hee hawing its way down there and back safely – 10 hours each way is certainly not for the faint hearted…. especially, when you are accompanied by your wife, who thinks she’s the better driver!  “Dear – you are too fast…”, “now you are too slow… what gear are you in?”, “look at your rear mirror and don’t twerk that steering wheel…” is fine, anywhere else, but not on a few hours drive.

Since the best are always left for last – our sincere gratitude to all the Pastors who were there helping in some way – conducting the service, praying for the group, delivering a message or just to be with us on the day.  Rev Sionetuato & Mrs Sionetuato, Rev Dr Matagi Vilitama & Mrs Vilitama, Rev Liva Tukutama & Mrs Tukutama and their families – thank you for your support.  Thank you to everyone who turned up to make this occasion one of the most memorable I have seen, esp our friends and families from other villages.  Oh – and thanks for inviting us!

Kia monuina e tau amaamanakiaga he matakau MAOA.  Oue tulutulou – Atua kehe vahaloto.

From Polito Sakalia.

A couple of Videos from the Day Below (credit – Rev Liva Tukutama).


Kua Fiafia lahi e maaga ia ! Tama Avatele mua ti vaipa. A beautiful and spiritual service ! Thanks Rev Petesa for the word!

Posted by Rev’d Liva Tukutama on Friday, June 9, 2017


Top Performer and leader of the performances for Alofi as they present their item and gift for the newly formed Avatele Community!

Posted by Rev’d Liva Tukutama on Sunday, June 11, 2017