Misi Makuini Komisina Nofo Mau

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  1. Andrew McEwen says:

    Fakaaue Lahi Hima for your article and for starting the conversation. I read your article to Mary on Friday 27th July after we arrived on Niue and I had to keep stopping as I was quite emotional. We both thoroughyl enjoyed our visit to Niue over the last 11 days (our 4th visit together and my 5th counting the period 1953 to 1956). We were pleased that Mary was able to give two well attended talks about Jock McEwen and his association with Niue, one at the government centre and one to senior students at Niue High School. We sold all copies of the book that we took with us so some people missed out. I have arranged with Moira Enetama at Taonga Niue that I will freight some more copies to her that she can sell, with some of the price going to Taonga Niue. People in NZ should be able to find a copy in book shops, but if you have problems just email me at am.mcewen [at] xtra.co.nz.
    Thank you Niue for being such an important part of my life and of my family’s life, starting from when I arrived on the Tofua on New Year’s Eve 1953 at the age of 9.
    Andrew McEwen (second son of Jock and Ruth McEwen (Makuini))

    • Takelesi says:

      Andrew and Mary

      It was great to meet up with you again and to hear a little more on Jock’s life on Niue. While Jock took centre stage – as he was required to do – your mother Ruth also played a very important role.

      Monuina till the next time