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New Cabinet Line-up!


In a move that has left the critics a little daze, the island’s newly elected Premier Dalton Tagelagi has opted for a government of unity. The new line-up is Mrs Mona Ainu’u, Mr Crossley Tatui and Mr Sauni Togatule. Mrs Ainu’u was a minister outside cabinet in the former government. The two other ministers were somewhat unexpected.

Mr Crossley Tatui had been a critic of the former government, but had earned respect for his measured approach.

Newcomer to politics, former head of the Department of the Environment, Mr Sauni Togatule, completes the new cabinet.

Premier Tagelagi – Minister for Central Agencies.
Hon Tatui – Minister of Finance and Infrastructure.
Hon Ainu’u – Minister of Natural Resources.
Hon Togatule – Minister of Social Services.

From Right :- Speaker Hima Douglas, Hon Sauni Togatule, Hon Premier Dalton Tagelagi, Hon Mona Ainu’u, Hon Crossley Tatui, former minister Hon Pokotoa Sipeli, President of Ekalesia Kerisiano Niue, Rev Nuka Tauevihi and Mrs Tauevihi.