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  1. Get Niue set up as a sovereign state in its own right and not to continue its governance under the NZ control. Being an independent and sovereign state gives Niue the full right to govern, decide and act according to its needs.

    Remember – NZ will still provide foreign aid for Niue. This is the ongoing practice of retaining and maintaining friendship with the neighboring countries in the same geographic area. Being a sovereign and politically independent country is the next logical step for Niue.

    Financial aid can still be accessed from other countries with ease and without having to be decided by NZ. As a country in its own right, Niue will access/attract investments and aids readily from other countries. It's part of growing up since Niue was annexed and colonised by Britain and ceded to NZ.

    Up to now Niue does not exist as state in its own right as it's politically controlled and ruled by NZ. Do the right thing and place Niue as a nation in its own right and many benefits will flow. Examples – a fully fledged member at UN (Niue is a country with its own identity but no seat at UN because it's under NZ) with full rights and entitlements like all other sovereign states/countries.

    Niue can attract funding (aid) from other countries with ease. To safeguard Niue's ownership of its land and territorial water and interests, the Government focus on stronger legislations.

    Classic examples are close to home with Pacific nations who are sovereign states and had freed themselves up from the political control of another country. Remember – Tonga was never colonised or its ruler taken over by Britain or NZ.

    Poor or rich, but the rightful owner/s of the nation are on the drivers seat. What we had since Britain's entry was a take over, a coupe. Niue is old enough to be the driver and apply its rights as "owner of Niue". Over 100 years ago, our forebearers embraced Britain/NZ but this now and things have changed……

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