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More Speed but Less Byte


Report from the Last Assembly Meeting: More Speed Less Byte

The Internet Services provided by Telecom Niue is costing $876,000 in total or $73,000 per month; that is the amount paid to Spark NZ for access to the international satellite.

The information was provided by the Hon Pokotoa Sipeli, Minister for Telecommunications in the debate on a motion by Hon Va’aiga Tukuitoga asking that some consideration be given to reducing the cost to each customer.

The cost according to Mrs Tukuitoga is very high and it does not take long for the allocated Gigabytes run out. The current charges are:

3GB – $30. 
7GB – $50.
11GB – $75.
16GB – $100.

The bandwidth has, since earlier this year, been increased from 48Mb to 78Mb.

For the household located on Porritt Drive at Fonuakula, the actual download speed is 1.67Mbps and upload is .58 Mbps.

The island’s other Internet Service provider Kaniu offers unlimited download for $50 per month with a wide variation in speed depending on the number of customers connected.

Just as a matter of interest the standard charges for the Cook Islands are: 2GB – $25, 6GB – $50, 10GB – $80.

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  1. Control the mass media, eg radio, TV, internet etc etc. Even China allows some freedom for its people. Telecom Niue should be charging less because it is a service provider for the people and it is a state owned company. Someone is profiting from this and its not Niue.

    The alternative internet provider means well but it is too slow when too many get on the net. If the govt had worked together with them, we would have a better system in place today. But then again the thieves of .nu name should not profit from their crime. Give .nu back to Niue and work together to promote the place. Emani Lui is a good man with good intentions.

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