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Undersea Cable by Nov, Fast Internet by June 2020


Government plans to improve communications to and from the island came a step closer this week with the arrival the Hong Kong based Survey Ship Geo Resolution. The ship is undertaking a survey of the ocean floor off the Namoui sea track where it is planned for the undersea cable named Manatua, to come ashore.

Niue Police Dive Team are assisting in the survey with underwater footage.

General Manager of Niue Telecom Mr Brett Collier said that there will be little disturbance to the environment where the cable will come ashore. There were concern that there could be some damage to the reef.

Survey ship Geo Resolution surveying the ocean floor for the new undersea internet cable.
Survey Ship Geo Resolution at Alofi – pic Talaniue.

“As the cable comes closer to the reef, it will be buried in a conduit, with a trench traversing the reef, up across the cliff and eventually to the Niue Telecom installation at Seikena.”

“We’re planning for the undersea cable to land later this year in November but the system will not be activated until all the countries in the consortium are online – Samoa, Niue, Cook Islands and Tahiti. We’re aiming for June next year subject to any unforeseen event.”

Are subscribers likely to see any movement in cost? “Telecom Niue’s aim is not only to improve the technology but also to try and reduce the cost to the people”, Collier said.

The key question of course is how much less people will expect to pay for services but those costs cannot be accurately calculated at this early stage due to many unknowns.

Like many, Talaniue is excited by having a reliable fast internet but at the same time a little apprehensive at the impact on future generations. While we certainly like the idea of communicating with our home appliances – fridges, smart TVs, home automation, water irrigation systems from halfway around the world, a part of us is still unsure at the greater impact of this technology on our people, especially our humanity.

In the meantime, work on improving the 4G network is continuing with the installation of equipment at Hakupu. Once that is completed, the team will move to Liku to install a new mast.

Geo resolution surveying for the undersea internet cable Manatua.
Survey ship “Geo Resolution” undertaking a survey of the ocean floor near Namoui – pic Talaniue.

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