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Video: A Cautious Colony comes Of Age


This video was created by Inquiry (NZ) back in 1974. This is what they said on their website.

“On the 3rd of September 1974, Niueans voted to self-govern in free association with New Zealand. Inquiry visits the tiny Pacific Island atoll one week before this hugely significant referendum, to take the mood of the people and observe how the island, which relies on shipped imports, keeps its economy afloat. Reporter Joe Coté interviews future Niue premier Robert Rex and Hima Douglas, a future politician. Coté investigates if the decision to self-govern will affect the large number of Niueans who leave each year to settle in New Zealand.”

“I think they’re a bit selfish. I think they’ve already voted, they voted with their feet.”

– Niuean MP Young Vivian’s response to ex-pat Niueans’ referendum concerns.

“If you try to solve the riddle of tomorrow here, you’ve had it, you may as well get out of here. We just play it cool, exist, be happy, be glad to be alive.”

– A young Hima Douglas (our Editor) explains why he chose to come back to Niue from New Zealand.

Video Credit: NZ On Screen.

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