Our Views Regarding the BCN

2 Responses

  1. Sack the CEO says:

    There is one person and one alone who takes the blame. It is the person running the show. Get rid of that person and replace with someone more qualified and from the Niue people. It’s pointless to recruit non Niueans into roles that require not only contemporary mindset but also traditional culture of the people. Whoever hired that CEO ought to have their head examined, unless it was by design to control the media. We hear of government takeovers overseas where the radio and TV station is the first port of call for rebels to occupy and control the news. Well no different here, the interference of parliament speeches and communication problems is not accidental. Blind Freddy can see there are tricky dicks playing with buttons and feeding gremlins into it. Firstly, there should be a police inquiry and secondly, naming the persons who was supervising the sound recordings on the day. It would be interesting hearing explanations. But overall why go after the gremlin when you can solve the problem by getting rid of the pagan non religious horoscope reading people and their CEO. This is a disgrace for a religious nation like Niue. Horoscope was commonly known as the work of the devil and it looks like Satan has found a home at BCN. Be off with you, evil sod. Regards Wayne

  2. Brad Ikinepule says:

    Sad state of affairs alright. Right behind all the comments above. Thankyou Mahi and keep the blowtorch on the sob!. I have always stated that this idiot needs to go. Trevor and co will manage the place in the interim while a real Director is sourced.