Village Campaigning Niue Style

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  1. Toke ought to have retired gracefully now that he's a puppet of the monarch of the so-called great britain and the so-called queen and let the smarter and younger people advance Niue. Two critical matters for the next Govt ought to be:
    (i) make Niue a sovereign independent country and be a nation in its own right rather than under NZ, the palagi. Niue doesn't exist in the world as a sovereign state and therefore no seat in UN. Niue ought to be on the driver's eat and be the rightful owner of Niue by having the full political right and sovereignty to be a nation. Rich or poor is not the issue whereas up to now Niue is still a colony of the colonisers. Remember Niue was a state in its own right until the palagi's came and called our people aethiests, heathens, devils, etc. These are the English and then NZ. Niue since day 1 under the colonisers is like a child under 21 so still under the control of his/her parents. We are well over 21 years old so be an independent sovereign state, and this is not dependent on the population size and nor citizen rights with NZ and nor whether Niue is rich or poor. This is having our own identity as a nation….more on this come
    (ii) increase economic power – one way is to increase size of its labour force by allowing overseas immigrants and especially those who are active investors to set up the economic means to earn more export incomes as the only way of growing an economy. One way is increase the labour and followed by capital investments as Niue has abundant natural resources. The are the 3 factors of production to earning revenue (and new monies from exports) to financially benefit the people. Let the investors do all of this and Govt concentrate on applying legislations to ensure that taxes are paid and above all, the ownership of natural resources like land, sea and air space remain under Niue ownership. That is, not to sell these to overseas people but "lease" to them at market rate and use the natural resources to produce goods in Niue to export to earn new monies that will grow Niue's economy without the inflationary impacts…more to come

  2. Unknown says:

    Merry Anno Iakopo and Toke talagi was the only 2 people that offered and mentioned benefits for niue . dont know what the rest were doing.