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A Village School and Team Niue at Samoa Games


On the island of Upolu, in the district of Lefaga, there is a village called Falease’ela. In that village there is a primary school called Liua le Vai O Sina, a name that has a special place in the oral traditions of Samoa.

While most people on Niue have some knowledge of Samoa and the island of Upolu – given our historical and Polynesia ties – not many are conversant with Falease’ela, let alone Liua le Vai O Sina Primary…that is until now. As part of the programme for the Samoa 2019 Pacific Games from 7th to 20th July, the organisers held a competition for all primary school and colleges to compete for the right to adopt one participating country. No less than 8 schools competed for that privilege and Liua le Vai O Sina Primary emerged as the winner. The competing schools were judged on three categories – the National Anthem, Takalo and a dance.

In a message to Talaniue, teacher Felorita Lifa said that the school will be taking part in the opening ceremony with the singing of the Niue Anthem, a haka [or takalo] and a dance. Felorita wanted our help in translating a couple of slogans for their posters.

It’s good to know that even though a lot of us on the island cannot be in Apia to lend our support to our team, there is a school of youngsters and their teachers who will be cheering for one of the smallest countries at the Games.

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